Jonathan Stubbs

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Jono is the founder of Ambitious Design New Zealand. With a natural flair for creativity, paired with an outgoing personality; starting a business in the creative sector was inevitable. Having been an entrepreneur from a very young age, Jonathan developed Ambitious Design as an evolution through many years of business development and launching other small businesses.

With a wealth of combined experience in business development, sales, marketing, and design Jonathan brings the creative flair to Ambitious along with his experience in business-to-business sales, corporate account management and an ability to create long lasting business relationships. Whether you are a small one man band or a large corporation, Jonathan’s ability to deal with each client on a personal level is unmatched. With a degree in Industrial Design, Jonathan also has the qualifications to support his experience. Having trained under some of the most prestigious Industrial Design tutors has helped mold Jonathan into an extremely qualified designer with a keen eye for detail. After obtaining his degree, Jonathan took his skills to the corporate world. Working in account management for a variety of large international corporations has helped to shape and hone his business acumen, skill and experience.

Jonathan is a keen athlete, who constantly strives to better himself physically and mentally. He draws upon his competitive nature to continually propel himself and his business forward, constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and innovative ideas to implement, Jonathan will help take your business to new heights.



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With a keen eye for perfection and years of honing his design skill, Jono is a master in this dynamic field and an expert at his craft.

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Direct Sales

With the utmost dedication and devotion to his clients, Jono makes the sales process an easy and stress free experience.

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With years of experience dealing with different clientele Jono will make you feel listened to, appreciated and understood.

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Formal education in Industrial Design (product development), aesthetics, function and usability are a must for Jono.

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